• We receive several letters each week telling us how our programs have helped people change their lives. Here are a few of the testimonials we've received recently:


    Pastor Stahl,
    Thank you very much for my Ordination! I am so thankful to the Lord for bringing your Ministry into my life! So many doors have opened for me! The new found respect and privileges that I have received, since I have been ordained, is absolutely remarkable!
    Rev. Duane N.

    I have studied Metaphysics, Religion, Alternative Therapy and all types of Alternative Healing, yet I was never able to find a traditional Institution offering any type of Degree for such learning. Now, finding you, was exactly what I was looking for. I, and everyone who knows me is sure that I possess the knowledge to be a Professional at what I know best. However, no one takes you serious without a Degree, which is why your Institution is so perfect! God Bless You!
    Dr. John C.


    Pastor Jack,
    Just a note to thank you for the enormous contribution via the work you do. I am more grateful than I can tell you for your presence on the earth, the job you do, and the service it is to humanity.
    Rev. Dr. Sylvia A.

    Brothers & Sisters:
    I thank you for this glorious opportunity for me to obtain my Minister Credentials. It is a Miracle come true. Bless you all.
    Rev. Jason G.

    I am delighted that there is finally an organization that can provide Doctoral Degrees for all the studies that so many of us take upon ourselves to research. There are so few Institutions that provide this service. Thanks for being there.
    Rev. Dr. Nina B.

    Greetings Pastor Jack J. Stahl,
    The day I received my Ministerial License and Ph.D in the mail, my outlook changed. The positive influence I have experienced the past few days has been affecting my work, life, love and relationships in many prosperous ways. I humble myself before God in all this happiness I feel. God Bless you and the entire staff at the PULC.
    Rev. Dr. Bennie D.

    I would like to thank you for what you have done for me. Since I have been Ordained, I have been able to practice my Religion freely and openly and have spoken at numerous Churches all over the state of Indiana. Thank you PULC, for helping to make my dreams a reality!
    Rev. Jason S.

    Dear Dr. Stahl,
    You and your wonderful Degrees and Certificates have changed my life for the better! Thank you and God Bless You.
    Rev Dr. Jana L.

    Dear Pastor Stahl,
    I just wanted to say "Thank you" for Ordaining my wife and myself. Thanks to you, me and my wife have started our own teaching Ministry.
    Rev. James C.

    Your Psychic Course has opened up new avenues for me. I enjoyed it immensely! Thank you for affording me this opportunity to better myself and to realize my full potential.
    Rev. Dr. Jess M.

    Pastor Stahl,
    I have read Tarot cards for many years and it is a blessing to have a way to become "Certified". I know I will be able to help many individuals with the information gained from your course. I believe that your Ministry is a Spiritual tool, anointed by God!
    Rev. Dr. Catherine S.

    You are a God-send to me, Pastor Stahl. God Bless You!
    Rev. Ruby P.

    Your Church impresses me so much. It is my opportunity to have the authority to teach and help others with the philosophy I developed over the years. I believe that God has many forms of manifestation and different ways to teach us with the different Religions and philosophies. Thank you for your Ministry and its Doctrine.
    Rev. Nestor E.

    Dear Beloved Pastor Stahl,
    Thank You And Bless You for your wonderful Doctorates. They are of extremely great assistance to me with my work and mission in life. They have made a phenomenal difference.
    Dr. Henry S.

    Dr. Stahl,
    Thank You for your Blessings. Thank You for giving me the opportunity to help others.
    Rev. Dr. Shelia B.

    I loved The Certified Hypnotherapist course. I am using the techniques that I learned by applying them in my Spiritual Counseling practice... It works! Thank You for helping me to help others.
    Rev. Dr. Anthony P.

    God Bless the Progressive Universal Life Church. I am very happy that God worked through you to put these Professional Programs together. You are making a world of difference!
    Rev. Dr. Gina N.

    Dr. Stahl,
    Thank You for making your Programs so affordable...You are definitely a man of God. God Bless you and your anointed Ministry.
    Rev. Dr. Mark M.

    I want to Thank You for the Beautiful Certificates I have obtained through your Ministry. You are a very generous group.
    Rev. Dr. Joann P.

    Greetings Pastor Jack J. Stahl,
    I just wanted you to know sir that I really appreciate you and your work. You will never know how much I thank God for Men like you.
    Rev. Terry J.

    After completing your Certified Psychic course, I find that my abilities have been greatly enhanced. I thank the PULC for teaching me these new skills. Now, I feel confident about doing this kind of work with clients. Thank you very much.
    Rev. Dr. Ronald M.

    Dear Pastor Jack J. Stahl,
    It has been close to a year since my Ordination into the Progressive Universal Life Church. I would like to share with you my experiences since then. As a modern Pagan, I have suffered much discrimination due to public ignorance. Before organizations like PULC, who believe in Religious freedom, it was merely impossible for Pagan clergy to establish recognition in society. With the title of Reverend, my practices are recognized as Religious and I am a respected member of the community. I wish to contribute to the growing acceptance of non-mainstream Religions and help eliminate Religious discrimination as a whole. Recently, my brother became engaged to be married and asked me to perform the ceremony. Only through the help of your organization was this honor possible. I would like to express my sincere Thanks for your help. May the Divine essence of Wisdom and Truth be with you. Blessed be.
    Rev. Martin B.

    Dear Pastor Jack, Bless You and Thank You for the Blessings you have sent my way. Since I have been studying the Bible for so many years, it seems only logical that I should be Awarded a Ph.D based on my Life Experience. God Bless you for offering me this opportunity!
    Rev.Dr. Susan O.

    Dear Brother Jack,
    I would like to take this opportunity to send you my greetings and my sincerest gratitude for the Degrees that you have Awarded me. I believe that they are much more than I deserve. I once again Thank You and the Institution that you so honorably direct. May God continue to Bless your Ministry.
    Rev. Doctor Thomas J.

    God Bless Your Ministry! I received my Ph.D in Counseling, Ministerial License and Counseling Practitioner's License from the PULC a few months ago, & now I have started my own Counseling Practice! Thank You for making a lifelong dream come true.
    Rev. Dr. Jim H.


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