• Q: Will my PULC Ordination be Legal?
    A: Yes, Our prestigious Ministerial Credentials are Legally accepted in all 50 states. Your Ordination is for life. it gives you the same rights, privileges and responsibilities afforded to Ministers of any other Religious Organization. Upon receipt of your Ordination Credentials you may immediately start your own Church or Ministry completely independent of the Progressive Universal Life Church. As a Legally Ordained Minister you may support your Ministry through contributions made from performing of marriages, funerals, baptisms, hospital ministry, prison ministry, baby dedications, etc. Many of our Ministers receive up to $1000 for a simple ceremony! If you plan to officiate weddings, typically you simply show your PULC Credentials to the local County Clerk and return the completed marriage license in a timely manner. However, As laws vary from state to state and even county to county, always check with local County Clerk or Marriage Bureau before performing marriage to ensure your eligibility and to get the most current information.


    Q: How is The Progressive Universal Life Church different from traditional Colleges and Universities?
    A: The PULC is a Nonprofit Religious Organization offering Ordination and non-secular Degree and Diploma programs by correspondence to the members of our Congregation. This is in accordance to and consistent with our Spiritual beliefs and practices. Unlike traditional Colleges and Universities, we have no residency requirements, no buildings or campus, no full-time faculty. Instead, we use technology to reach students, allowing them to pursue their Degree wherever they are. We recognize that not everyone has the time or money required to attend a traditional University. Through our life experience programs, we offer students the opportunity to obtain their Degree based on knowledge and experience they already have. This takes far less time and money than going the traditional route, thereby allowing you to advance your life by obtaining a Degree without having to take time away from work or family. We also offer many Spiritual Courses. Becoming Ordained and receiving a Religious, Spiritual or Holistic Degree from the PULC is one of the greatest things you can do to serve God. If you are called to be a Minister or simply needing documentation to gain access to needy people, then you have come to the right place.


    Q: What types of Degrees does the PULC offer?
    A: The Progressive Universal Life Church grants prestigious Degrees, Diplomas & Certificates in a variety of Spiritual fields, including: Religion, Theology, Metaphysics, Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Parapsychology, Holistic Sciences & many more!


    Q: Can I acquire a Medical or Law Degree through the PULC?
    A: No. The PULC provides a wide range of Degrees, but we do not offer Medical Degrees. This is true no matter how extensive your Medical experience may be. We also do not offer Law Degrees.


    Q: Do you have any residency requirements?
    A: No. Geography is no barrier to prospective students who wish to get a Degree from the PULC. The Progressive Universal Life church does not operate a campus like traditional educational institutions do. Due to the benefits of online technology, our students come from across the United States and around the world.


    Q: Who can get a life experience Degree at the PULC?
    A: Anyone with significant experience, skills, knowledge, and/or expertise in a given field of study. We accept students from across the United States and around the world. If you believe you have earned one or more Degrees based on your life, work or educational experience than we wish to reward you with the Degree(s) you deserve. If you have already done the work through your life's Ministry, you ALREADY qualify, based on Faith.


    Q: Will my Degree be Legal? Can I include it on my resume and other official documents?
    A: Your prestigious PULC Degree is as legitimate as any other. Once obtained, you are free to include it on your resume, business card, letterhead, passport, website, job application, or any other official document you fill out.


    Q: Will my PULC Ministerial Credentials and Degree allow me to use professional titles like "Rev" & "Dr"?
    A: Yes, you will be allowed to use all the professional titles and post nominal letters according to your Degree! For example, If you are Ordained my us and we award you our Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling, you may legally use Rev. Dr. before your name, and Ph.D after your name! After receiving a Degree based on your work or life experience, you may enjoy the benefits held by any title holder of a PhD, MA, BA, etc..


    Q: I live outside the US? Can I still apply for the life experience Degrees offered by the PULC?
    A: Yes, No matter where in the world you live, you can apply for our life experience Degree program.


    Q: How long will it take to order and receive my Degree?
    A: If you order online right now, you will receive your prestigious Degree in ONLY 7 days! (Plus, we pay the shipping).


    The Progressive Universal Life Church is a Nonprofit Religious Organization offering Ordination and non-secular Degree and Diploma programs, in accordance to and consistent with our Spiritual beliefs and practices. We do not offer Academic, Medical or Law Degrees.


    You may not misrepresent yourself or imply you are a Doctor of Medicine.


    It is the sole responsibility of the independent Minister/Practitioner to adhere to any federal, state or local laws.


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