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    Certified Psychic
    Psychic awareness is a natural human trait & everybody has it. Sometimes called "intuition" or "ESP"' psychic sensitivity can be trained & developed just as we train our minds. This course will teach you how to develop your own psychic abilities. Diploma & title of CERTIFIED PSYCHIC are awarded upon completion.

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    Certified Hypnotherapist
    This course shows you step by step how you can easily master this fascinating science . You will learn the exact words that are used to induce deep hypnosis. You are shown how hypnosis is used to cope with many problems. This course will make you believe more than ever in the amazing Mind-Over Body Power, and you will learn how to use this power to achieve your subjects' goals. You will also learn to hypnotize yourself. Diploma & title of CERTIFIED HYPNOTHERAPIST are awarded upon completion. Now 50% Off!


    Certified Clairvoyant
    This is a course in Clairvoyance. You will learn to develop a sensitivity to things not usually seen! ESP! the SUPERNATURAL! Diploma & title of CERTIFIED CLAIRVOYANT are awarded upon completion.

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    Certified Tarot Advisor
    This course will re-awaken your psychic abilities & is designed to help you use & understand the Tarot. Once you have mastered the Tarot, you will hold the key to the past, present & future. If you are interested in helping others as well as yourself, the study of Tarot is for you! (Tarot deck included) Diploma & title of CERTIFIED TAROT ADVISOR are awarded upon competition. Now 50% Off!


    Certified Dream Analyst
    Dreams which appear innocent, when scientifically analyzed, turn out to be quite the opposite. You will learn to analyze actual dreams & discover the hidden meaning of your own! This interesting course is a must! Diploma & title of CERTIFIED DREAM ANALYST are awarded upon completion. Now 50% Off!


    Certified Astrologer
    You will learn the principles of astrology, how to chart horoscopes & the influence of the stars on our lives, loves, health & career. This interesting course shows us how we can improve our character & progress toward spirituality. You will also be taught how to interpret a real birth chart & prediction techniques. This valuable knowledge will help you make important decisions more carefully. Diploma & title of CERTIFIED ASTROLOGER are awarded upon completion.

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    Certified Graphologist
    (Handwriting Analysis) There is a message to be found in everyone's Handwriting through the amazing science of Graphology. You will learn to analyze lines of writing, angles, spacing, letter formations & more! You will learn how handwriting reveals: What people think of themselves, both publicly & privately. How they're likely to behave in any given situation. Weather they're likely to achieve their goals. And much more! You will be fascinated when you compare the character secrets revealed by the handwriting of famous people to those of your friends & clients. Diploma & title of CERTIFIED GRAPHOLOGIST are awarded upon completion. Now 50% Off!


    Certified Numerologist
    You will learn to use this scientific system of numbers to understand the mystical laws which govern your life. Your name & birth date, when understood numerically will help you achieve your full potential & bring you closer to fulfilling your dreams & goals. Numerology can be practiced any time or place. Diploma & title CERTIFIED NUMEROLOGIST are awarded upon completion. Now 50% Off!


    Certified Palmist
    This course will teach you how to read destiny in hands. The lines in your palms are produced by currents of energy passing from your brain to your hands. Learn the art & science of Palmistry where you will continually benefit from your exciting study. Diploma & title of CERTIFIED PALMIST are awarded upon completion. Now 50% Off!


    All Psychic Science courses can be completed in only one week.


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