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    Progressive Universal Life Church

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    Become a Legally Ordained Minister NOW!


    FREE Lifetime Ordination & FREE Ministerial License & FREE Degrees!!


    The Progressive Universal Life Church was founded in 1990 and is a Worldwide Spiritual Holistic Church Dedicated To Healing Mind, Spirit & Body. We want to help you reach your full potential in life. We want to help you become all that God meant you to be!


    How to Become an Ordained Minister Online


    The PULC offers Ordination, Degree & Diploma programs to help you in your Spiritual Journey. We are the World's #1 Institution for Legally Ordaining Ministers and Awarding prestigious Doctoral Degrees. Our members are from all walks of life, including many well-known Celebrities!


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    Beloved friend, we Now wish to offer you FREE Lifetime Ordination! As a PULC Minister (with the legal right to use the title "Reverend") you will be free to preach and teach according to the dictates of your heart.


    WE AUTHORIZE YOU TO PERFORM ALL FUNCTIONS OF THE MINISTRY including weddings, vow renewals, baptisms, funerals, services, etc. As a point in passing, thousands of Ministers have become enormously wealthy performing simple Religious ceremonies.


    Order one of our anointed MINISTERIAL PACKAGES, Now up to 75% OFF, and we will also rush you FREE our finest quality MINISTERIAL WALLET LICENSE! All documents will have your name proudly imprinted and bear the official Church "Gold Seal".


    Progressive Universal Life Church Ordained Ministership for Spiritual Seekers


    Our Church is one of the largest with members throughout the World. You will enjoy the respect and prestige, rights and privileges customarily given to Ministers of the Progressive Universal Life Church.


    Do you believe you have earned one or more Doctoral Degrees based on your life, work, or educational experience? Now, we wish to reward you with the Degrees you so richly deserve!

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    Why a Doctoral Degree from PULC?

    Our prestigious Doctoral DEGREES grant you the legal right to be known as "DOCTOR!" All titles we issue you may be used on your letterheads and business cards. This will be an automatic door opener!


    At Colleges and Universities, it takes years and thousands of dollars to obtain a Doctoral Degree. For a limited time only, we are offering our life experience Doctorates for an unbelievably small donation ... ACT NOW!


    Each Degree, Diploma and Certificate you will be proud to own and display. They are beautiful, perfect for framing (8 1/2 x 11), and printed on top quality parchment paper.

    The Progressive Universal Life Church welcomes all individuals, regardless of race, creed or ethnic background. Our members are from all Religious faiths and All Parts of the World. We Pray You Will Join Us! God Bless You!


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